Frequently Asked Questions

Where and When Do You meet?

See the About page for more details

Scouting Experience

Do you go camping? 

YES!  As a pack we go camping at least once a year as part of the crossing over ceremony (in May), and it is amazing. As with our other events, this is for families (not a drop off event). Older dens (e.g. Weblos) have also gone on den campouts as well

What den would my scout be in?

Scouts are organized into Dens based on their grade in school

See these links for more information about Dens and Packs

What is a Den meeting like?

The dens meet in the JQES cafeteria twice a month and work on the Cubs Scout curriculum, called Adventures, for their age group. Example adventures include visiting Boston Fire Department, reviewing health eating, community service projects, and others. Find out more about adventures here.

Do scouts wear a uniform?

Yes, scouts have uniforms and are expected to wear them at den meetings and pack events. This helps build cohesion and indentiy with the pack

Can my scout attend only Den meetings? 

Scouts are expected to attend all meetings (e.g. please don't double book another activity)


Can my daughter be a Cub Scout? 

YES, Scouting is open to children of all genders, and we were approximately 50% / 50%. Note we are not affiliated with Girl Scouts of America. 

Is this an afterschool program?

No, while some meetings do occur after JQES, scouting is a family activity. While we are happy to watch your child between JQES dismissal and den meetings, expect to be involved as a family. 

Can my child join in an older grade? 

Yes you can join at any year.

Is space limited? 

Yes, there are a limited number of spots in each den. The number of slots are limited by the number of parent volunteers. If a den is full, we will consider creating anoter den for the same age if there are parents willing to run it (it is very rewarding! See below).

How do I register?

Please click the "Register" link at the bottom of the page. 

How much does it cost? 

Registration fees are set by the BSA. These include fees for registration, programming, access to Base Camp, etc. Uniforms are also required, and there may be separate costs associated with specific outings/activities. Fundraising on behalf of our entire Pack will help to offset many of these costs.

What if I can't afford the fees?

We do not turn away families if cost is a barrier to participation. If this is the case, please reach out to us.

Pack Leadership

Who runs Pack 617?

YOU DO!  We are an all volunteers organization, mostly parents of families involved

Can I volunteer to help?

Yes! We are always in need of Adult leaders! Each Den is supported by 2-3 Den Leaders. This is an amazing way to be active with our cub scouts, deliver programming, and learn about everything going on in the Pack. Den leaders must all complete CORI certification and youth protection training. 

Do I need to have experience with Cub Scouts to volunteer?

No! Curriculum is provided throughout the year for Den meetings - you aren't on your own. Interested in joining as a Den Leader? Email us!